Atlante - notizie dal mondo in tempo reale e lingua originale

Raccontare il mondo o leggere il mondo? La domanda non è superflua perché “conoscere” è – sovente – conoscenza scritta da altri (e non controllatia. “Leggere il mondo” vuol dire, invece, monitorare (facendo la tara di quel che si racconta) il racconto.

HOP FROG, in questo contesto, offre un nuovo servizio (naturalmente gratuito) che si innesta su quello che i maggiori Media mondiali scrivono, raccontano e su cui si legge (e si interpreta) la quotidianità. Il “motore” parte da Salerno. Un’opportunità, pertanto, per coloro che vengono a Salerno (per turismo, lavoro ed altro) ma anche per studenti (per esempio i molti Erasmus risiedenti a Salerno) ricercatori, docenti, studiosi, imprenditori etc.

Atlante, dunque, come “lente specifica” (ma non deformante) per chi da Salerno (ma non solo, naturalmente) vuole restare “al centro del fiume”. Nel flusso della quotidianità senza abituarvisi.

  • SLANÝ - V nemocnici v českom meste Slaný sa šíri britský variant koronavírusu. Nemocnica je podľa slov jej riaditeľa Štěpána Votočka na hranici svojich možností, pričom tamojšia situácia je najhoršia od vypuknutia epidémie v ČR. Votoček uviedol, že britský variant sa šíri medzi zdravotníkmi a tí, ktorých dosiaľ nepostihol, prestávajú byť schopní zabezpečiť prevádzku nemocnice. Informoval o tom v utorok portál
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  • Margot Heumann ist wohl die erste Frau, die ihre Geschichte als lesbische Jüdin, die mehrere Konzentrationslager überlebt hat, erzählt.
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  • القاهرة 13 جمادى الآخرة 1442 هـ الموافق 26 يناير 2021 م واس سجّلت مصر خلال الساعات الـ 24 الماضية, 643 إصابة جديدة بفيروس كورونا المستجد (كوفيد - 19), و55 حالة وفاة. وأوضح المتحدث باسم وزارة الصحة والسكان المصرية الدكتور خالد مجاهد في بيان اليوم، أن إجمالي عدد المصابين بالفيروس بلغ 163129 من ضمنهم 127433 إصابة جرى شفاؤها، و 9067 حالة وفاة. // انتهى // 02:25ت م 0215
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  • ANYONE who knows anything about sport, knows who Tom Brady is.

    The NFL player, 43, has enjoyed an incredible career, but away from the limelight, he has a tight bond with his three sisters.

    FacebookTom Brady with his mum and sisters Maureen and Nancy[/caption] Who are Tom Brady’s sisters? Maureen

    Maureen is the oldest child of the Brady bunch.

    She was an All-American pitcher at Fresno State in the 1990s.

    However, she decided to peruse a career in nursing.

    Maureen currently works at a local hospital in Bakersfield, California.

    Her daughter, Maya, is currently a softball player at UCLA.

    Nancy FacebookTom with his sisters and parents when the siblings were kids[/caption]

    Unlike her famous brother, Nancy has chosen to stay away from the spotlight and is the least known of the siblings.

    As a teenager she was a basketball player and a softball player.

    Nancy got married in 2015, with Tom by her side.

    Julie Getty ImagesTom with his beloved sister Julie[/caption]

    The youngest of Tom’s sisters is Julie, who often gets called his “twin” – despite their being a three year age gap.

    The two siblings share the same birthday of August 3 – although Tom was born in 1977 and Julie 1974.

    Julie married baseball player Kevin Youkilis in 2012.

    InstagramTom with his parents, Tom Brady Sr. and Galynn[/caption] Who are Tom Brady’s parents?

    Tom is the fourth child of Tom Brady Sr and Galynn.

    In January 2021 his parents revealed their “life and death” battle with coronavirus at the start of the season.

    Speaking on ESPN’S “#Greeny”, Brady Sr. opened up about his experience with the virus which left him hospitalized.

    He noted that he was forced to miss his son’s first two games of the season, the only football games of his sons that he has ever missed.

    more on tom brady THE BRADY BUNCH What you need to know about Tom Brady's sisters Julie, Maureen and Nancy BRADY'S BUNCH Who are Tom Brady's children? BRADY BATTLE Tom Brady's parents reveal 'life & death' Covid battle at start of the season TOP TIPS NFL betting tips, predictions and best sign-up offers ahead of Championship games HOWDY NEIGHBOR Tom Brady & Gisele to join Ivanka & Jared at elite 'Billionaire's Bunker' BRADY BREAK-IN Intruder 'breaks into Tom Brady's $34m mansion and chills on couch' WIN OR SNOOZE Ronaldo takes FIVE naps a day... how much do other sports stars sleep? BRADY OF THE HOUSE Inside Tom Brady's amazing Tampa mansion with 80ft-pool on sale for £22m IN THE POCKET Tom Brady says pre-game sex with wife Gisele is ‘off the table' this season SHADY BRADY Tom Brady makes light of NFL virus rules as he 'forgets to social distance'

    “We didn’t even see the first two games of the year,” he said.

    “It was the first two games I ever missed of his career because I was sick as a dog and my wife was as sick as a dog.

    “We’ve never missed a game at Michigan or New England or wherever.”

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  • Die Firmen zahlen hohe Bussen, doch die verantwortlichen Manager kommen ungeschoren davon. Dieses Muster muss durchbrochen werden. Doch das ist in der Praxis alles andere als einfach.
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  • Svahové sekačky Spider dnes zná prakticky celý svět. Málokdo ale tuší, že první prototyp vznikl teprve před necelými dvěma desítkami let na rýsovacím prkně v garáži. Od prvního náčrtku do posledního šroubku stroj vymýšlel Lubomír Dvořák z Havlíčkova Brodu.
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  • South Korea welcomes the inauguration of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and expects that the alliance with the United States will develop further, the foreign ministry said Wednesday. "Our government welcomes the official inauguration of US Secretary of State Blinken following the Senate approval," ministry spokesperson, Choi Young-sam, said in a commentary. "We expect the South Korea-US alliance to develop further with the inauguration of the new secretary, who has ample
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  • WASHINGTON — Amazon announced plans on Tuesday to expand its technology hub in the Boston area, creating some 3,000 jobs in the next few years.

    The Boston hub will add teams working on the Alexa digital assistant, robotics, Amazon Pharmacy and the giant's web services unit.

    The company, which already employs some 3,700 people in the Boston area, has leased a new 17-story office tower which is part of the Boston Seaport project. 

    Set for completion in 2024, the complex will include a community dog park, retail space and a new performing arts centre.

    Rohit Prasad, vice president and head scientist for Alexa at Amazon, said the new hub will expand research and development for the artificial intelligence system.

    "Much of the technology that makes Alexa smarter every day is invented in Boston," Prasad said.

    "Our teams here play a key role in driving Amazon's innovations."

    Amazon's workforce has been surging in recent years and includes some 800,000 in the United States, as the company expands its e-commerce, web services, streaming and other projects while at the same time drawing heightened scrutiny from antitrust enforcers.

    Image: Section: BusinessDisplay Lead for: SectionAgency: AFPImage Position: Right
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  • Sebastian Foss-Solevåg (29) lå på andreplass før finaleomgangen i østerrikske Schladming, men falt til fjerdeplass. Halvveis i løypa mistet han brilleglasset. Henrik Kristoffersen sleit på ny, og la skylden på sitt skiutstyr.
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  • “Smatram da možemo delovati u uzajamnom interesu naših zemalja imajući na umu vlastite interese kao u slučaju Novog sporazuma START i jasno dati do znanja Rusiji da smo vrlo zabrinuti zbog njihovog ponašanja, bilo da je reč o Alekseju Navaljnom, o "SolarWindsu" ili izveštajima o ponuđenim nagradama za ubijanje Amerikanaca u Avganistanu.” Ovo je američki predsednik Džo Bajden rekao u ponedeljak, a preneo AP. Dodajući da predsednik još nije odlučio kako da reaguje na "slučaj Navaljni". Razmišlja dok se priprema za telefonski razgovor s ruskim predsednikom Vladimirom Putinom.

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  • UNITED NATIONS, Jan 26 (APP):A group of UN human rights expertsnhave urged the Sri Lankan Government to end its policy of forced cremation of the bodies of coronavirus victims, saying it ran contrary to the beliefs of Muslims and other minorities in the country, and could foment existing prejudices, intolerance and violence.

    In a joint appeal issued in Geneva, Special Rapporteurs Ahmed Shaheed, Fernand de Varennes, Clement Nyaletsossi Voule and Tlaleng Mofokeng, said that no medical or scientific evidence indicated that burying the deceased increased the risk of spreading communicable diseases such as COVID-19.

    To date, more than 270 COVID-19 deaths have been reported in Sri Lanka; a significant number have come from the minority Muslim community.

    All of the deceased were cremated in line with the country’s amended health guidelines for COVID-19 patients, which were issued on last March.

    “We deplore the implementation of such public health decisions based on discrimination, aggressive nationalism and ethnocentrism amounting to persecution of Muslims and other minorities in the country” the experts said.

    “Such hostility against the minorities exacerbates existing prejudices, intercommunal tensions, and religious intolerance, sowing fear and distrust while inciting further hatred and violence”, they added.

    “We are equally concerned that such a policy deters the poor and the most vulnerable from accessing public healthcare over fears of discrimination”, they said, noting that it would further negatively impact the public health measures to contain the pandemic.

    Information received by the experts indicates that cremation often takes place immediately after test results are provided, without granting family members reasonable time or the opportunity to cross check or receive the final test results.

    There have been several cases of cremations based on erroneous information about COVID-19 test results, the experts said, while noting that the President and Prime Minister had instructed the health authorities to explore options for burials in Sri Lanka.

    “However, we are concerned to learn that the recommendation to include both cremation and burial options for the disposal of bodies of COVID-19 victims by a panel of experts appointed by the State Minister for Primary Health Services, Pandemics and COVID Prevention, was reportedly disregarded by the Government”, they said.

    “We strongly urge the Government of Sri Lanka to stop the forced cremation of COVID-19 bodies, to take all necessary measures to combat disinformation, hate speech and stigmatization” of Muslims and other minorities, “as a vector of the pandemic, and to provide remedy and ensure accountability for cremations that were carried out by error.”


    The post UN rights experts urge Sri Lanka to stop ‘forced’ cremation of coronavirus victims’ bodies appeared first on Associated Press Of Pakistan.

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  • Lars Noréns dagböcker har aldrig handlat om att framhäva det egna jaget, tvärtom. Dessa böcker har inte bara räddat mitt liv, de håller en högre kvalitet än det mesta som ges ut i Sverige, skriver litteraturkritikern Sara Abdollahi.

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  • Some claim the European Union is lashing out at drugmaker AstraZeneca to distract attention from its own slow and shambolic vaccine programme. But is this picture accurate? Or is the EU, by threatening to block vaccine exports, acting in a reasonable way to protects its interests? Ben Chu investigates

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