Atlante - notizie dal mondo in tempo reale e lingua originale

Raccontare il mondo o leggere il mondo? La domanda non è superflua perché “conoscere” è – sovente – conoscenza scritta da altri (e non controllatia. “Leggere il mondo” vuol dire, invece, monitorare (facendo la tara di quel che si racconta) il racconto.

HOP FROG, in questo contesto, offre un nuovo servizio (naturalmente gratuito) che si innesta su quello che i maggiori Media mondiali scrivono, raccontano e su cui si legge (e si interpreta) la quotidianità. Il “motore” parte da Salerno. Un’opportunità, pertanto, per coloro che vengono a Salerno (per turismo, lavoro ed altro) ma anche per studenti (per esempio i molti Erasmus risiedenti a Salerno) ricercatori, docenti, studiosi, imprenditori etc.

Atlante, dunque, come “lente specifica” (ma non deformante) per chi da Salerno (ma non solo, naturalmente) vuole restare “al centro del fiume”. Nel flusso della quotidianità senza abituarvisi.

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  • SABRINA Carpenter seemingly shaded Olivia Rodrigo in her new song, Skin, as she dates the Driver’s License singer’s man Joshua Bassett.

    Olivia began the feud when she came out with the hit song, Driver’s License.

    Getty Images - GettySabrina Carpenter has seemingly responded to the Olivia Rodrigo drama[/caption] InstagramFans believe that Olivia wrote Driver’s License about Sabrina and her blossoming relationship with Joshua Bassett[/caption] Getty ImagesJoshua and Olivia used to date before he allegedly left her for Sabrina[/caption]

    Sabrina has finally responded to Olivia, 17, with a song of her own as fans believe that the High School Music: The Musical: The Series actress shaded her in Driver’s License.

    In her lyrics, she alluded to a failed love with another singer, who left her for a “blonde” that is much older than her – Sabrina is blonde and 21 years old.

    Fans highlighted Olivia’s cryptic lyric “I guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me,” to Joshua’s two solo singles Common Sense and Anyone Else, which released in 2020.

    Getty Images - GettyThe two played love interests on TV[/caption] Olivia’s Driver’s License is about a failed romance with a singer who left her for a blonde

    Olivia and Joshua, whose characters dated in the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, reportedly had onscreen chemistry and off-screen closeness.

    In the track, Olivia lamented the end of a relationship as she drives through the streets after getting her license, and says, “You’re probably with that blonde girl,” bringing Disney star Sabrina into the mix.

    Sabrina and Joshua, 20, have allegedly been spending the last few months getting to know each other.

    Getty Images - GettySabrina recently released Skin[/caption]

    Now, Sabrina is hitting back as she, according to her song Skin, “tells her side of the story.”

    The first reference to Olivia’s song came as Sabrina sings “Maybe blonde was the only rhyme,” giving her the benefit of the doubt.

    However, she doubled down and revealed she won’t stand down while Olivia tries to “get under my skin.”

    And as if she hadn’t made her point clear that the song was a response to Olivia, Sabrina sings “don’t drive yourself insane, it won’t always be this way.”

    Maybe we could have been friends
    If I met you in another life
    Maybe then we could pretend

    There’s no gravity in the words we write
    Maybe you didn’t mean it
    Maybe blonde was the only rhyme
    The only rhyme

    Want my heart to be breaking, breaking (no)
    I’m happy and you hate it, hate it (ohh)
    And I’m not asking you to let it go
    But you’ve been telling your side
    So I’ll be telling mine

    You can try
    To get under my, under my, under my skin
    Whilе he’s on mine
    Yeah all on my, all on my, all on my skin

    I wish you knеw
    That even you
    Can’t get under my skin
    If I don’t let you in

    You’re telling it how you see it
    Like truth is whatever you decide
    Some people will believe it
    And some will read in between the lines

    You’re putting me in the spotlight
    But I’ve been under it all my life
    Said all my life
    Want my heart to be breaking (no)

    I’m happy and you hate it, hate it (ohh)
    And I’m not asking you to let it go
    But you’ve been telling your side
    So I’ll be telling mine

    You can try
    To get under my, under my, under my skin
    While he’s on mine
    Yeah all on my, all on my, all on my skin

    I wish you knew
    That even you
    Can’t get under my skin
    If I don’t let you in

    You can try
    To get under my, under my, under my skin
    While he’s on mine
    Yeah all on my, all on my, all on my skin

    I wish you knew
    That even you
    Can’t get under my skin
    If I don’t let you in

    I just hope that one day
    We both can laugh about it
    When it’s not in our face
    Won’t have to dance around it
    Don’t drive yourself insane
    It won’t always be this way

    You can try
    To get under my, under my, under my skin
    While he’s on mine
    Yeah all on my, all on my, all on my skin

    I wish you knew
    That even you
    Can’t get under my skin
    If I don’t let you in

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    Joshua also seemingly responded to Olivia’s song a few days after its release with his Lie, Lie, Lie.

    The actor, who recently found himself in the hospital, sang: “They told me all the things that you said, Running all over my name, And you’re acting, oh, so innocent, Like I’m the only one to blame.”

    He also sang” “I know what you say about me, I hope that it makes you happy, You can’t seem to get me off your mind.”

    Back in December, Joshua opened up about his friendship with Olivia, saying “she’s a homie for sure.”

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  • عمان 22 كانون الثاني(بترا)- أعلنت منظمة الصحة العالمية وتحالف فايزر -بايونتيك اليوم الجمعة، عن اتفاق يتيح تأمين 40 مليون جرعة ...
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  • Querétaro, 22 Enero 2021.- El presidente de la Mesa Directiva de la LIX Legislatura del Estado de Querétaro, Luis Gerardo Ángeles Herrera, indicó que al día de hoy, en esta instancia han recibido tres solicitudes de licencia de diputados, con miras al proceso electoral 2021. Las tres licencias, precisó el diputado, son de las diputadas del Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI)...


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  • Luis Moreira, de 37 años, fue asesinado con varias puñaladas la mañana de este viernes 22 en el cantón Durán, provincia del Guayas. El hombre estaba afuera de una tienda cuando se le acercó un sujeto de unos 30 años y empezó a herirlo con un cuchillo. Según los testigos, le dio varias puñaladas en el piso hasta matarlo, luego se puso de pie, se acercó a una manguera cercana y lavó el arma blanca. “Se fue caminando como si nada y la gente no lo podía creer pero lo seguimos hasta que se metió a una casa y llegó la Policía”, contó un testigo.
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  • Den tidligere Vålerenga-spilleren Luton Shelton er død, 35 år gammel. Tor Ole Skullerud vil huske jamaicaneren for det store smilet.
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  • DONALD Trump could pardon Tiger King Joe Exotic on his last full day as president after new evidence was released in Exotic’s case.

    Trump is reportedly planning to issue more than 100 pardons on Tuesday, and the eccentric star of the 2020 Netflix series Tiger King is confident he will be among them, according to his legal team.

    ⚠ Read our Inauguration Day 2021 live blog for the very latest news and updates on Joe Biden’s swearing-in

    Splash NewsJoe Exotic’s legal team believes the reality star will get a presidential pardon[/caption] Getty Images - GettyTrump is reportedly planning to issue more than 100 pardons on Tuesday[/caption]

    Exotic’s legal team, dubbed Team Tiger, told The Sun that they are so sure he will receive a pardon, they will have a limo waiting for him outside FMC Prison in Fort Worth, Texas, where he’s being held.

    Exotic, 57, was convicted of hiring a hit-man to take out his rival, fellow big cat enthusiast Carole Baskin, and of animal cruelty, and given 22 years in prison.

    Now new evidence, including telephone recordings, has reportedly made its way to the White House in an effort to secure Exotic’s pardon.

    Jim Rathmann, a former US Secret Service Agent turn private investigator, said that the legal team has been given recorded phone calls that call into question the testimony given by certain witnesses in Exotic’s trial.

    “You find your evidence and you let the evidence take you wherever the case is going to take you,” Rathmann told ABC Action News, “And in this particular case, [it] keeps bringing me down the path that this murder-for-hire never happened.”

    AP:Associated PressExotic was given 22 years in prison for an apparent murder-for-hire plot and animal cruelty[/caption] Splash NewsExotic was accused of trying to have his rival Carole Baskin killed[/caption]

    Rathmann said that the information Exotic’s team recently got their hands on may have kept the reality TV star out of prison initially.

    “I would have loved this information to have been out two years ago before his trial so he never would have been convicted overall,” he said.

    “But since that isn’t what happened, it’s better late than never.”

    Even if Exotic is not among those pardoned by Trump on his way out, Rathmann said oral arguments for the Tiger King’s appeal will begin on January 20, the same day of Joe Biden’s inauguration.

    Eric Love, a member of Team Tiger, told The Sun that they are expecting Exotic to be freed early in the day on Tuesday, and a Dodge truck limousine will be waiting to wisk him away to a secret location.

    “We anticipate notification around the 10am to 2pm mark,” Love said.

    Exotic’s team said he will be wisked away to get a haircut and ‘decompress’ if he is released on Tuesday Getty Images - GettyTrump is also reportedly considering a pardon for rapper Lil Wayne[/caption]

    “With that said it could very well come much earlier or later but we do feel that we will have the pardon [Tuesday].”

    Love said that Exotic will be taken to get a haircut and a medical evaluation before being reunited with his husband, Dillon Passage.

    He said the reality star will be taken to the remote location for “48 hours of decompression.”

    “It is important,” Love added, that Exotic have some time to be “loved, appreciated, catered to” before making any public appearances.

    Last week, Team Tiger flew to Washington, DC,  for a “high level” meeting with White House aides for a last-minute pardon discussion.

    Love revealed he has his cell phone on 24/7 and is “excited” to get the call confirming their hopes of Exotic’s release.

    He claimed the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr, and his partner, Kimberly Guilfoyle, are both sympathetic of Exotic’s case, expressing their concerns to the President.

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    Love, who went to Washington in a private jet dubbed The Joe Exotic Express and Exotic One, insists Trump has been directly made aware of the pardon request.

    Trump is also reportedly considering pardons for rapper Lil Wayne, who is facing weapons charges, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his own former advisor Steve Bannon.

    There was also speculation that Trump may try to pardon his kids or himself, but the January 6 insurrection attempt by the president’s supporters may have complicated that plan, according to CNN.

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  • A NAKED man spotted wrapped in intestines and ‘carrying his dad’s severed head’ while walking the streets has been arrested in Ukraine.

    Horrified witnesses allege the gruesome scene unfolded as Dmitry Ponomarenko, 30, emerged from his flat “covered in blood and wrapped in guts” while “holding a severed head”.

    Police of UkraineDmitry Ponomarenko, 30, was arrested after being spotted ‘wrapped in intestines’ and carrying a severed head in Odessa, southern Ukraine[/caption] dumskaya.netCops received calls from neighbours reporting a man walking the streets carrying a severed head[/caption] @xydessaBloodied intestines could be seen wrapped around his neck[/caption] dumskaya.netCops are investigating the motive behind the gruesome killings[/caption]

    The naked psychopath calmly sat down on a bench and lit a cigarette, alleged one neighbour, before beginning a rampage around the streets, hitting parked cars with his dad’s severed head.

    Cops are investigating the macabre crime after Ponomarenko was found carrying the head of his dad, Igor Ponomarenko, in Odessa, southern Ukraine yesterday.

    The maniac was spotted by shocked neighbours leaving his city flat “wrapped in guts”.

    “A naked and bloodied man, wrapped in guts and holding the head of a man came out of the front, sat on a bench and lit a cigarette,” a resident of the apartment block told local media.

    Alarmed witnesses called cops, who raced to the scene and detained Ponomarenko, who had begun wandering around and hitting parked cars with the head, according to onlookers.

    According to the Dumskaya police, the alleged killer met officers while holding his dad’s head in his hands and declared that “he is a god who is not worshipped”, reported local media.

    As cops stormed the apartment block, they found two male bodies in the man’s flat.

    The decapitated corpse of 53-year-old Igor Ponomarenko was lying on the bed.

    Another body, belonging to the family’s friend Aleksandr Demchenko, 32, was found in the kitchen sliced open and gutted.

    When asked why he killed the victims, it is alleged by witnesses Ponomarenko said “because he had to”.

    Police of UkraineA bloodied Ponomarenko was arrested by police after reports of him walking the streets with a severed head[/caption] dumskaya.netCops are investigating the double killing in Odessa, southern Ukraine[/caption] dumskaya.netPonomarenko was seen sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette while ‘wrapped in guts’[/caption] Police of UkraineHorrified onlookers called cops after seeing Ponomarenko walking the streets carrying a severed head[/caption] Police of UkraineThe apartment building in Odessa, Ukraine, where two male bodies were found on January 20[/caption]

    A police spokesman said: “We received calls from shocked people reporting a man walking in the neighbourhood with a severed head in his hand.”

    Law enforcement opened a criminal case for double murder against Ponomarenko, who was placed into custody.

    He faces up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.

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    The suspect worked in the Duke Hotel from where he had been fired a day before the incident for being under the influence of drugs and inappropriate behaviour, a source said.

    The motives of the crime are being investigated.

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  • ACS Sepsi-SIC Sfântu Gheorghe s-a calificat în premieră în optimile de finală ale competiţiei feminine de baschet EuroCup Women, după ce a învins echipa spaniolă Cadi La Seu, cu scorul de 57-50 (15-17, 11-17, 19-8, 12-8), vineri, în Sepsi Arena din Sfântu Gheorghe, în ultimul meci din Grupa G. Sepsi-SIC era obligată să câştige ca să meargă mai departe. Dacă învingea formaţia spaniolă la cel puţin 3 puncte, echipa covăsneană intra în play-off de pe locul secund. Cu o victorie cu 5 sau mai multe puncte, Sepsi câştigat grupa. Echipa oaspete a dominat prima jumătate a meciului, iar după 20 de minute avea un avantaj de opt puncte. Sepsi a revenit extraordinar şi a reuşit să se impună în cele din urmă cu 57-50. Annemarie Godri-Părău a primit Premiul ''Kisgyörgy Emő'', fiind cea mai valoroasă jucătoare în acest meci, cu 14 puncte, 3 recuperări, 4 pase decisive. Rebekah Gardner a reuşit 17 p, 8 rec, 3 pd pentru Sepsi. Antrenorul Zoran Mikes le-a mai folosit pe Jovana Pasic 6 puncte, 6 recuperări, 1 pasă decisivă, Ioana Ghizilă, Pinelopi Pavlopoulou 2 rec, 2 pd, Kincso Kelemen, Marie Ruzickova 8 p, 1 rec, 1 pd, Andra Mandache 8 p, 6 rec, 1 pd, Rebecca Diane Tobin 4 p, 9 rec, 1 pd. La iberice au jucat Laure Resimont 15 p, Laia Raventos Roig 5 p, 2 rec, 2 pd, Irati Etxarri 2 p, 10 rec, 1 pd, Laura Pena 3 p, 4 red, 5 pd, Yurena Diaz Castellano 7 p, Ariadna Pujol Lluch 4 p, 2 rec, 1 pd, Georgina Bahi Blanquera 6 p, 3 rec, Gabrielle Rae Ortiz 1 rec, Quinn Dornstauder 6 p, 13 p, 1 rec, Serena-Lynn Geldof 2 p, 2 rec, Gala Mestres Ricart 1 rec. În celălalt meci al grupei, ESB Villeneuve-d'Ascq LM a dispus de BC Namur cu 75-45. Sepsi-SIC a ocupat primul loc în clasament, cu 5 puncte (+41), urmată de ESBVA-LM, 5 puncte (+31), Cadi La Seu, 5 puncte (+1) şi BC Namur, 3 puncte. Primele două clasate s-au calificat în optimile de finală, care vor avea loc în martie. AGERPRES (AS-editor: Mihai Ţenea, editor online: Andreea Preda)   Sursa foto: AE Sedis Bàsquet/Twitter
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  • Les accusations de viol et d’agression sexuelle postées sur Twitter contre un élu communiste parisien et son conjoint ont fait émerger le hashtag #MeTooGay sur les réseaux sociaux
    Venerdì, 22 Gennaio, 2021 - 14:39
  • Оваа година планирани се над 200 милиони евра инвестиции само во патната инфраструктура. Продолжуваме со изградба на пругата кон Бугарија, со гасификацијата, со нови проекти во комуналната инфраструктура. Нè чека долга и интензивна градежна сезона, истакна министерот за транспорт и врски, Благој Бочварски, кој заедно со заменик-министерот за транспорт и врски, Беким Реџепи, и директорот на ЈП за државни патишта, Ејуп Рустеми, изврши увид на реконструкција на мост на регионалниот пат Куманово – Свети Николе.

    – Ни претсоти долга градежна сезона, каде што инвестициите во инфраструктурата дополнително ќе ги засилиме. Продолжуваме со изградба на автопатите и експресните патишта, со 25 нови проекти во комуналната инфраструктура, со изградба на магистралните гасоводи, а со почетокот на градежната сезона почнуваме со рехабилитација на локалните улици и патишта во согласност со динамиката предвидена со завршените тендерски постапки – изјави Бочварски.

    Тој додаде дека објавена е тендерската постапка за изградба на пругата во двете фази од Куманово до Крива Паланка за што во наредниот период се очекува да се избере изведувач за градежните работи.

    Во однос на реконструкција на мостот, министерот Бочварски истакна дека ова е инвестција со која ќе се подобри безбедноста во сообраќајот.

    The post Бочварски: Годинава ќе има над 200 милиони евра инвестиции во патната инфраструктура appeared first on Нова Македонија.

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  • CASH-strapped mums are “irresponsible” for having kids they can’t afford, a gymnast has said.

    Karolina Sevastyanova, 25, said she refuses to help disadvantaged mums with lots of little ones, choosing instead to help animal welfare groups and other charities.

    Karolina Sevastyanova said it’s irresponsible to have kids if you cannot afford them

    The Russian group rhythmic gymnast was asked why she openly refuses to help poor mums with lots of kids during an Instagram Q&A session.

    She told her 600,000 Instagram followers: “These people chose to be so irresponsible.

    “We do not live in the Stone Age where the issue of pregnancy cannot be controlled.

    “When you already know that you cannot take care of one child why give birth to a second, a third, a fourth?

    “Is it even fair to the children when you cannot provide them with a good future?”

    Ms Sevastyanova, who is the 2012 Olympics Group All-around champion, added that she should not be made to feel responsible for other people’s actions.

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    The sporting champ has a host of titles to her name, having been crowned the European Group All-around champion in 2012 and the Youth Olympic Games Group All-around champion in 2010.

    And in February 2015, Sevastyanova appeared on the cover of the Russian edition of Maxim magazine.

    The Russian gymnast says ‘we do not live in the Stone Age where the issue of pregnancy cannot be controlled’ The Maxim cover star made her opinions clear during an Instagram Q&A She questioned whether it’s fair to have kids if you can’t afford to raise them @karolisha.s/NewsflashKarolina has a host of sporting titles to her name[/caption]


    Mercoledì, 20 Gennaio, 2021 - 18:18
  • A THRIFTY mum has revealed how she turns a few cheap chickens into 15 different meals – all for just £14.70.

    The Australian mum, who shops at Aldi, will turn five birds into kilos of mince, wings and marylands – which consists of the chicken thigh with the drumstick attached – as well as creating ingredients for soup stock.

    AlamyThe Aldi shopper picks up cheap chickens and creates as many as 15 different meals[/caption]

    The best part is that the chicken can be stored in the freezer for months to come and be used for various meals.

    Taking to the Aldi Mums Facebook group, she wrote: “Five chickens today, averaged $5.25 (£2.97).”

    Explaining what she does with them, she continued: “Cut them up into 10 Marylands, 2kg wings, 2kg minced chicken and five carcasses for stock when the weather cools.

    “All labelled and in the freezer now. So fresh and I firmly believe it’s the best way to buy chickens. From ALDI of course!”

    FacebookThe savvy mum will cut them up into marylands (the thigh and drumstick) wings and will even mince the breasts before popping them in the freezer[/caption]

    The savvy home cook went on to explain that she uses the juicy chicken breasts to create mince – which takes little more than minutes.

    “Took the skin off first,” she explained. “I’ve got an old fashioned mincer and got my husband to turn the handle. Took about 5 minutes!”

    By doing this, the savvy mum can potentially save hundreds on her food bill a year, with one shopper admitting: “If you bought two kilos of chicken mince it would cost you $25 (£14)alone.”

    FacebookAldi shoppers loved the thrifty budgeting idea[/caption]

    Adding: “This is a much smarter way of doing it.”

    The woman’s thrifty tip was praised by other Aldi shoppers who agreed it was a very clever way to budget.

    “This is a great way to budget,” said one.

    Added another: “Such a good idea. I love it.”

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    We also shared how this mum puts free school meals to shame with epic Aldi food haul costing £10.

    or more food tips, this organised mum prepped a week’s worth of school lunches for her family-of-five & reveals trick to keeping food fresh.

    And this woman who lives on just £5 a week shared a £2.20 per person Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

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  • Boris Johnson and his science chiefs tonight made the shocking claim that the Kent strain - called B.1.1.7 - could be 30 per cent more deadly than older versions of the virus.
    Venerdì, 22 Gennaio, 2021 - 21:47
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