Atlante - notizie dal mondo in tempo reale e lingua originale

Raccontare il mondo o leggere il mondo? La domanda non è superflua perché “conoscere” è – sovente – conoscenza scritta da altri (e non controllatia. “Leggere il mondo” vuol dire, invece, monitorare (facendo la tara di quel che si racconta) il racconto.

HOP FROG, in questo contesto, offre un nuovo servizio (naturalmente gratuito) che si innesta su quello che i maggiori Media mondiali scrivono, raccontano e su cui si legge (e si interpreta) la quotidianità. Il “motore” parte da Salerno. Un’opportunità, pertanto, per coloro che vengono a Salerno (per turismo, lavoro ed altro) ma anche per studenti (per esempio i molti Erasmus risiedenti a Salerno) ricercatori, docenti, studiosi, imprenditori etc.

Atlante, dunque, come “lente specifica” (ma non deformante) per chi da Salerno (ma non solo, naturalmente) vuole restare “al centro del fiume”. Nel flusso della quotidianità senza abituarvisi.

  • Türkiye 2. Basketbol Ligi’nde mücadele eden Çorlu Belediyesi Gençlik ve Spor Kulübü (ÇBSK) takımının kaptanlığını yapan ve kulüp lojmanındaki odasında ölü bulunan takım kaptanı Ziya Berhan Kılıç, memleketi Çorlu’da gözyaşları arasında toprağa verildi. Kaptanın tabutunun üzerine son maçında giydiği ismi yazılı forma konuldu.
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  • Teresa Stadlober suree entisen luottomiehensä kuolemaa.
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  • 270 wolontariuszy Wielkiej Orkiestry Świątecznej Pomocy będzie kwestować w niedzielę na ulicach Białej Podlaskiej. Jednak bialski sztab atrakcje tego dnia będzie transmitować na żywo za pośrednictwem Facebooka.
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  • Le ministère de l’Environnement va recruter par concours 750 spécialistes de la protection de la nature.

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  • Αντιφατικό μήνυμα φθάνει από δημοσκοπική έρευνα που πραγματοποιήθηκε στην Ιταλία από την εταιρία Swg, για λογαριασμό του τηλεοπτικού καναλιού La7.
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  • *Confessions of an ex-cartel boy

    *41-year-old Selala Tsibele is a man living in fear.

    He claims he got involved with a criminal cartel, ripped off his bosses, and is now a wanted man, his former comrades hungry for his blood.

    Tsibele originally contacted The Voice back in October shortly after he fled the gang. Plagued by uncertainty, he got cold feet and backed out of the interview at the last moment.

    Three months later and he is finally ready to share his chilling tale.

    We meet in a backyard in Mochudi at a location Tsibele requests be kept secret.

    He is uneasy, visibly twitchy, and on high alert, as if ready to bolt at the slightest sign of trouble. His bloodshot, tired eyes betray the lack of sleep that has haunted his nights ever since he double-crossed his one-time allies.

    He tells The Voice he wants his words recorded before it’s too late and ‘he is killed.’

    According to Tsibele, unemployment and desperation drove him to work for an individual (name known to The Voice) who he describes as the head of one of the most dangerous cartels in Botswana.

    Drug trafficking, fake passports, and stock theft are just some of the illegal activities the gang specialise in.

    “At some point last year I was living with him in his house in Mochudi. His family was living elsewhere. I was basically his driver and I would go out to the field with him,” narrates Tsibele, licking his lips nervously as he speaks.

    Explaining how he came to fall out with his bosses, Tsibele looks forlornly to the skies, as if seeking divine intervention.

    “Around September last year, there was a meeting with his business associates. They had made around P170, 000 and so everyone was getting their cut. My cut was P15, 000 but my boss was delaying to give me my money. I knew where the money was kept and so I went and got my cut. I took about P10, 000,” confesses Tsibele, quietly cursing himself for his impatience.

    Although he maintains he did not regard his actions like stealing, his bosses took a different view when they realised he had taken the money.

    Terrified for his life, Tsibele ran. He has been running ever since.

    “I have moved out of my home now because immediately after, they stormed my parent’s home looking for me. They threatened my parents and even terrorized my girlfriend and everyone who they think would know where I am.”

    When asked why he has returned to Mochudi, on the doorstep of the very people he says want to kill him, Tsibele replies simply, “I have now run out of options.

    “I can’t stay at one place for long because they track me down. I need a safe place. I need help.”

    So why hasn’t he gone to the police for protection?

    Instead of helping him, Tsibele accused the cops of harassment and insists they are on the gangster’s payroll.

    “He has contacts with the Police, politicians, and most civil servants really. Last year, beginning of October, I handed myself to the Police because they were harassing my parents about my whereabouts. I told the Police the whole story and how I got to take the money and how we acquired the money. But they were not interested in my story. Instead, they wanted to know where I had kept the money.

    “I told the Police everything. I gave them names and details of the cartel but they still tortured me for the money I took. They tied me to a chair and dipped my head in a bucket full of water,” he maintains, adding he was eventually released from police custody and has been running ever since.

    Giving The Voice a brief insight into his life of crime, Tsibele reveals, “Throughout the lockdown period we travelled all around the country. We would go to places like Takatokwane, Maboane, Xara, Mmashoro, and Paje stealing stray cattle, goats, and sheep.

    “Actually most times we had connections with herdboys. We would set a date and would go there to take people’s cattle and sell them. I guess the herdboys would come up with some random story about what happened to their employers’ cattle. Other times we would just pick up stray goats and sheep because they are easier to handle.”

    According to Tsibele, they would then transport the animals to a yard in Mochudi, where the cattle would be slaughtered for distribution to ‘prominent’ customers.

    Meanwhile, Mochudi Police Station Commander, Wazha Dambe confirmed Tsibele has a case registered with his station but was reluctant to go into detail on the matter.

    “I can confirm we have a case of theft against Tsibele. The Investigators are still completing certain pieces of the puzzle in the case and it will be taken to court soon,” disclosed the police boss.

    However, Tsibele believes his case won’t see the light of day.

    “When I tell you this man has connections you think I am lying. It has been months since I was tortured by the Police. They could have registered the case by now. All the evidence they speak of would be the court’s decision to make.

    “I now understand what I did was wrong. I got involved with the wrong people, now they want to kill me!” concludes Tsibele, speaking with the air of a condemned man waiting for the hangman’s inevitable noose.


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  • Yüksek Seçim Kurulu (YSK), seçime girebilecek siyasi partilerin listesini yayımladı ancak listede Ali Babacan'ın kurduğu DEVA Partisi ve Ahmet Davutoğlu'nun Genel Başkanı olduğu Gelecek Partisi'nin bulunmaması dikkat çekti. YSK'nin listesine göre, geçen yıl seçimlere girmesi uygun görülen 15 siyasi partiye bu yıl Genç Parti ile Muhafazakar Yükseliş Partisi de eklendi ve sayı 17'ye çıktı. YSK'nin açıkladığı seçime girme yeterliliğine sahip partiler şöyle: - AK Parti - Anavatan Partisi - BTP - BBP - CHP - DP - DSP - Genç Parti - HDP - Hürdava Partisi - İYİ Parti - MHP - MYP - Saadet Partisi - TKP - Vatan Partisi - Yeniden Refah Partisi
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  • A court in Germany has sentenced an asylum seeker from Tajikistan to seven years in prison for membership in the Islamic State (IS) extremist group and plotting attacks in Albania and Germany.

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  • Gottéron mehrere Wochen ohne RossiGottéron mehrere Wochen ohne Rossi Schweiz | Sport Liechtensteiner Volksblatt redaktion@volksblatt.liTue, 26 Jan 2021 19:47:00Tue, 26 Jan 2021 19:47:00

    Matthias RosBERN - si steht Fribourg-Gottéron in den nächsten vier bis sechs Wochen nicht zur Verfügung. Der 30-jährige Stürmer leidet an einer Verletzung am Unterkörper und muss sich einer Operation unterziehen. In der laufenden Meisterschaft verbuchte Rossi in 28 Partien 13 Skorerpunkte (7 Tore) für die Freiburger.

    © Liechtensteiner Volksblatt
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  • Contributed

    The Financial Secretary of the government of Sierra Leone, Mr. Sahr Lahai Jusu (photo), while speaking to Vote Controllers on Thursday 14th January 2021 at his George Street Office in Freetown, has given a three-week grace period for the submission of the implementation plan of the audit recommendations.

    "The implementation plan will be captured in the Performance Tracking Table (PTT) and if they fail there will be a strong remedial measure which will lead to suspension," he warned.

    He said that the main challenge they are faced with is that many of their Offices do not recognize the audit process and recommendations.

    He said that the above challenge was discussed extensively with the country's leadership.

    “It is a fact because if you sit down as a Vote Controller and an auditor asks you about your travel and you have to respond it means you need to take the audit seriously” the Financial Secretary further blamed Vote Controllers for not treating the Auditor General's representative seriously as when she sends her audit staff the Vote Controller just sends them to someone else.

    “It is not the accountant that controls the vote it is the Vote Controller. You should pay keen attention during the audit and response process, but when they go to the provinces and comes with that Management Letter and the accountant says this is it and then you sign you are indicting yourself” he warned as he highlighted issues raised in the 2019 Auditor General's report.

    He promised that they will continue to provide support to the agencies that provide oversight to Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) as issues of audit in the reports will help them to improve on processes and procedures.

    Issues of compliance to laws, procurement, and public financial management formed part of the Emphasis of Matter in the Auditor General's “Unqualified Opinion” on the 2019 Report.

    Cabinet Secretary Mr. John Sumaila stressed also that MDAs will be required to give full support to the process in Parliament noting the sensitivity of the issues involved and the initial reaction that has been coming from the public. This he says has become compelling for the leadership of MDAs to come together to consider how to minimize the adverse issues in the Audit Reports.

    He encouraged them to improve on the findings and retrieval of documents by cooperating with auditors through the releasing of records and documentation. “Uphold internal controls established in MDAs to ensure that the business of government is carried out in an orderly and efficient manner, respond to audit queries and that should be done in addressing issues raised in the audit report, support internal auditors or else we will institute punitive measures for failure to implement audit recommendations as it has been included in the PTT.”

    Other speakers were the Accountant General, Director of Internal Audit, and the Commissioner-General of the National Revenue Authority. Vote Controllers were allowed to make comments on the issues discussed.

    Domenica, 17 Gennaio, 2021 - 18:27
  • A new system that can warn people of landslides nearly a week in advance is set to be launched in Bangladesh later this year, helping tackle increasing risks from a disaster linked to climate-change-driven extreme rainfall, experts said on Tuesday.

    Developed by the United Nations and Bangladesh’s environment ministry, the warning system uses satellite imagery, rainfall measurements and other meteorological data to predict landslides in vulnerable regions.

    Right now, landslide alerts are provided more informally, based on rain-gauge readings, which amounts to “now-casting, not forecasting” and doesn’t take into account geological data, said a U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization spokesman.

    Initially, the new alerts are likely to be introduced in May, when the monsoon season begins, in Cox’s Bazar in southeast Bangladesh.

    Besides at-risk Bangladeshis, the area is home to nearly a million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar who have lived there since they fled their country in 2017.

    Researchers have gathered data on the area including soil properties and the history of landslides, as well as rainfall thresholds likely to trigger events, FAO officials said.

    The information will be used to produce warnings at least five days in advance of expected landslides, they said.

    If succesful, the system – developed by the FAO and the International Organization for Migration – could be expanded to other parts of the country as well, they added.

    Experts on adapting to climate change said such warnings could save lives, particularly among the country’s most vulnerable.

    “Increased heavy downpours which may be due to climate change will definitely cause greater likelihood of more landslides in the hilly areas,” said Saleemul Huq, director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development.

    “It would be … very important for the communities vulnerable to landslides to get warnings to enable them to survive,” he added. Bangladesh is highly threatened by landslides, particularly during monsoon periods, and the number of disasters has been on the rise due to increasingly severe weather, losses of soil-holding trees and excavation work in hilly areas.

    Between 2000 and 2018 landslides killed at least 700 people in the Chittagong Hill districts in southeastern Bangladesh, according to the FAO.

    The low-lying nation is often included on lists of countries most at risk from the impacts of rising global temperatures, from more extreme storms to floods.

    Scott Hussey, a spokesman for FAO, said it was important to remember “that no early warning system related to any hazard can be 100% accurate”.

    Making the system work effectively will require continual work to refine and upgrade it, as well as efforts to create better awareness of landslide risks among local communities, he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation via e-mail.

    Solaiman Haider, a senior official from Bangladesh’s Department of Environment, said the system was promising but still in its early stages.

    “We will come to know how well it works and to what extent people accept this during the monsoons,” he said.

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  • Police investigate murder of young woman at StockfarmPolice are conducting investigations into a homicide which occurred at Stockfarm on Sunday 24th January 2021. According to information from Inspector John Carbon, 30-year-old Tricia Wiltshire of Castle Bruce, who resided at Stockfarm, was discovered lying naked in a pool of...

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  • Por el alto número de contagios de COVID-19 en el Ecuador, el Frente Unitario de Trabajadores (FUT) resolvió posponer la convocatoria a la movilización que estaba prevista a realizarse este jueves, desde las 16:00.
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  • As the wind and rain swirled around St Mary’s, an Arsenal side propelled by the exuberance of Bukayo Saka swept aside Southampton to record revenge and a fifth win in six Premier League matches. At times Arsenal flowed from back to front with the ease of yesteryear and, for Mikel Arteta, this result goes a long way to justifying his weakened selection in defeat here last weekend. Better still, the absent Kieran Tierney should return against Manchester United on Saturday, when the incoming Martin Odegaard could debut.

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