France: Iran must comply with 2015 deal

Arutz Sheva - 53 min 57 sec fa

The Iranian government must comply with the terms of the 2015 deal limiting its nuclear program in order to see the United States return to the deal, a French official said Tuesday, according to AFP.
"If they are serious about negotiations and want to obtain a new commitment from all participants in the JCPOA, first they must refrain from further provocations and second they must respect what they are no longer respecting" in terms of commitments, the official said, referring to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the official name for the 2015 agreement.
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Russia backs PA proposal for international peace conference

Arutz Sheva - 1 ora 29 min fa

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov &#111n Tuesday backed a Palestinian Authority proposal for a Middle East peace conference.
"We propose holding an international, ministerial-level meeting in spring-summer 2021," Lavrov told a videoconference UN Security Council meeting about the Middle East, according to AFP.
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'More died during peace with Dubai than during war with them'

Arutz Sheva - 1 ora 56 min fa
Health Ministry's Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis concerned over flights to UAE which have contributed to rise in virus cases in Israel.
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At least 150 charged in connection with Capitol riot

Arutz Sheva - 2 ore 17 min fa

At least 150 people have now been charged by federal prosecutors in connection with the deadly riot at the Capitol &#111n January 6, CNN reported &#111n Tuesday, based &#111n a review of court records and Justice Department announcements.
Investigators have used 500 grand jury subpoenas and search warrants to gather information in the sweeping, unparalleled investigation, Michael Sherwin, the top US prosecutor in Washington, said in a news conference Tuesday.
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Amir Peretz leaves Labor but will remain in government

Arutz Sheva - 2 ore 43 min fa

Amir Peretz &#111n Tuesday evening informed the newly elected chairwoman of the Labor Party, MK Merav Michaeli, that he will be terminating his membership in the Labor Party and resigning from the Knesset.
At the same time, Peretz announced that he accepted Defense Minister Benny Gantz's request to continue serving as Minister of Economy and Industry.
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Yaron Zelekha launches New Economic Party ahead of 4th election

Arutz Sheva - 3 ore 6 min fa
'Israeli economy doesn't charity, it needs a leader,' says ex-Accountant-General of Finance Ministry and head of New Economic Party.
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Four Hasidim suspected of assaulting police in Bnei Brak released

Arutz Sheva - 3 ore 22 min fa

Four Vizhnitz Hasidim suspected of assaulting police in Bnei Brak last week have been released from custody.
They were released to five-day house arrest and have been banned for 15 days from the street where they allegedly attacked the police officers.
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Senate blocks effort to prevent Trump’s impeachment trial

Arutz Sheva - 3 ore 44 min fa

The US Senate &#111n Tuesday voted 55-45 to block a Republican effort to upend plans for former President Donald Trump"s impeachment trial, Reuters reported.
Five Republicans joined Democrats to reject a motion by Republican Senator Rand Paul that would have required the chamber to vote &#111n whether the trial violates the US Constitution.
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Biden speaks to NATO Secretary General

Arutz Sheva - 4 ore 6 min fa

US President Joe Biden spoke &#111n Tuesday with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.
The White House said in a statement that Biden reaffirmed the US commitment to the alliance"s collective defense.
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Brazil records 61,963 new cases of coronavirus

Arutz Sheva - 4 ore 27 min fa

Brazil recorded 61,963 new confirmed cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, and 1,214 deaths, the Health Ministry said &#111n Tuesday.
The country has registered 8,933,356 cases since the pandemic began, while the official death toll has risen to 218,878.
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Biden to boost vaccine supply

Arutz Sheva - 4 ore 49 min fa

US President Joe Biden announced &#111n Tuesday his administration is boosting the weekly supply of vaccines to states and territories by 16% next week.
He added he hopes to have enough doses to vaccinate 300 million Americans by the end of the summer or early fall.
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Ex-Indian Ambassador cautions Israel against deal with Pakistan

Arutz Sheva - Mar, 26/01/2021 - 23:57
Former Indian Ambassador to Israel Navtej Sarna speaks with i24NEWS about new US administration's impact &#111n the Mideast.
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Knesset Committee meeting on COVID fines concludes without agreement

Arutz Sheva - Mar, 26/01/2021 - 23:46

The Knesset's Constitution Committee &#111n Tuesday evening concluded its meeting without reaching an agreement &#111n the proposed law setting fines for violators of coronavirus guidelines.
The meeting will resume &#111n Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m.
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Biden admin to review Trump sanctions on ICC

Arutz Sheva - Mar, 26/01/2021 - 23:20

The Biden administration plans to "thoroughly review" the sanctions that the Trump administration imposed &#111n the prosecutor"s office of the international criminal court (ICC).
"The United States shares the goals of the ICC in promoting accountability for the worst crimes known to humanity. At the same time, the United States has always taken the position that the court"s jurisdiction should be reserved for countries that consent to it, or that are referred by the UN Security Council," said a State Department spokesperson quoted in The Guardian.
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Bennett: Chief of Staff was correct regarding Iran deal

Arutz Sheva - Mar, 26/01/2021 - 23:01

Yamina chairman and former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett &#111n Tuesday backed IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi"s comments calling &#111n the US not to return to the nuclear deal with Iran.
"The IDF Chief of Staff is correct. The nuclear deal with Iran was a nuclear steal for Iran. In American terms: The deal gave Iran the ability to reach the nuclear goal line in exchange for a promise that it would not cross into the end zone. The Iranian regime always lies," tweeted Bennett.
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Watch: Vice President Harris receives 2nd COVID-19 vaccine dose

Arutz Sheva - Mar, 26/01/2021 - 22:38
US Vice President Kamala Harris receives second dose of COVID-19 vaccine at the National Institutes of Health.
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