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Dwayne Johnson is a contender in NBC sitcom 'Young Rock'

The Independent - 56 min 42 sec fa
Dwayne Johnson’s new NBC comedy “Young Rock” is a coming-of-age story inspired by his challenging childhood and youth
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Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer were threatened at gunpoint after wrong turn in LA

Mirror - 57 min 52 sec fa
Comedians Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer have spoken about the moment that they found themselves in downtown Los Angeles while on a road trip through California
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Farmers back at protest camp after deep challenge to PM Modi

The Independent - 59 min 45 sec fa
Tens of thousands of farmers who stormed the historic Red Fort on India’s Republic Day are again camped outside the capital after the most volatile day of their two-month standoff left one protester dead and more than 80 police officers injured
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Another pandemic-causing ‘Disease X’ could be around the corner, scientist warns

Evening Standard - 1 ora 5 min fa

Another pandemic-causing ‘Disease X’ could potentially be around the corner and it is a matter of when, not if, a leading scientist has warned.

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Toddler 'bled to death' after swallowing battery that stayed in body for 4 days

Daily Star - 1 ora 10 min fa

Jonathon Huff, who was just under two years old, died after the battery made its way through his body and caused severe injuries in his oesophagus, intestines and aorta
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Thug tries to rob blind man on train before his victim bravely fights him off

Mirror - 1 ora 25 min fa
James Donnelly targeted his victim while on a train heading towards Liverpool city centre two days after Christmas
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Behind closed doors: Filipina workers trapped by the pandemic

The Guardian UK - 1 ora 31 min fa

Journalist Corinne Redfern discusses the impact the pandemic has had on the Filipino women trapped overseas, including Mimi (not her real name) who works for a wealthy family in London for just £5 an hour. Mimi was asked to keep working through the first lockdown with the family coaching her on what to say if the police stopped her. In her spare time, Mimi helps other overseas workers escape situations where they are being abused

Anushka Asthana talks to the journalist Corinne Redfern from The Fuller Project about the impact the pandemic has had on the thousands of Filipino women who are stranded overseas. The Philippine government says that approximately one third of its 10 million citizens overseas are women working in “elementary” jobs – a term widely interpreted as referring to domestic workers who are paid low wages to clean homes, cook meals and care for wealthy families, often under horrendous conditions. Human Rights Watch has long described migrant domestic workers, thousands of miles away from home and hidden out of sight in strangers’ houses, as one of the world’s most vulnerable demographics.

The UK issues approximately 23,000 visas to foreign domestic workers every year, half of whom come from the Philippines, according to reports. In the first two months of the coronavirus outbreak, more than half of the Filipino migrant workers surveyed in the UK had lost their jobs, according to a report compiled in June by Dr Ella Parry-Davies and the Kanlungan Filipino Consortium – a London-based consortium of grassroots organisations advocating for Filipino migrants’ rights. Corinne tells Anushka about Mimi (not her real name), a Filipino woman who works for a wealthy family in London who pay her just £5 an hour and asked her to continue to work during the first lockdown, which was illegal. Corinne also tells Anushka about Rowena, who is trapped in Bahrain by an employer who has sexually harassed her. Her boss has promised to pay for her flight home, but he hasn’t told her when, and so Rowena is currently unable to return to her daughter and her grandson in the Philippines.

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UK's Covid deaths now worse than Great Plague, Aids and the Blitz combined

Daily Star - 1 ora 34 min fa

The grim milestone surpasses the combined fatalities from the Great Plague, Aids pandemic, Blitz and all terror attacks and wars since 1945, which stood at 99,500
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BBC viewers 'gobsmacked' at X-rated object spotted on guest's shelf

Mirror - 1 ora 38 min fa
The national lockdown has seen more people interviewed virtually from their own home but this has meant that some background images have left a lot to be desired
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Restaurant slammed for hosting 'swinger's party' with guests on tables

Mirror - 1 ora 43 min fa
The brazen party at a Japanese restaurant held in a Brazilian city enraged some after the country registered more than 900,000 active coronavirus cases
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Walgreens taps Starbucks exec Brewer as its new CEO

The Independent - 1 ora 48 min fa
Walgreens has tapped Starbucks executive Roz Brewer as its new CEO, which will make her the only Black woman leading a Fortune 500 company
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Mexico close to approving Russian vaccine, with little data

The Independent - 1 ora 48 min fa
Mexico is close to granting approval for Russia's Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, but with little public data available
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North Korea defection exposes pressure on Kim’s foreign networks

Financial Times - 1 ora 50 min fa
Shady overseas operations critical to raising cash for Pyongyang have been curtailed by sanctions
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Travel chaos hits the Midwest as up to 15 inches blankets Iowa to Ohio

Daily Mail - 1 ora 51 min fa
More than 200 flights have been canceled as travel chaos hit the Midwest on Tuesday when up to 15 inches blanketed a few states during a major winter storm.
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EuroMillions winners spend £1m prize feeding the homeless during Covid pandemic

Daily Star - 1 ora 57 min fa

Bill and Cath Mullarkey hit the huge jackpot in 2017 and have used their winnings throughout the pandemic to help the homeless and those vulnerable. The duo wanted to 'do their bit'
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Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques steal the show

Daily Mail - 2 ore 4 min fa
Princess Gabriella, six, stole the show when she stepped out in Monaco with twin brother Prince Jacques and their parents, Princess Charlene, 43, and Prince Albert, 62.
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Chicago schools reopening hits snag as union fight escalates

The Independent - 2 ore 11 min fa
Chicago Public Schools has ditched for thousands of teachers report to class this week ahead of students after the teachers union said its members wouldn’t comply and were prepared to picket over coronavirus safety concerns
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Baby T-Rex were 3ft long and the size of a Border Collie, scientists say

Daily Star - 2 ore 19 min fa

Although iconic movies like Jurassic Park show hatchlings to be very tiny and able to fit in a human hand, a new study shows they were much larger when they hatched
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ALEX BRUMMER: In the name of my aunt Rosie, I'm outraged at bids to block a UK memorial 

Daily Mail - 2 ore 19 min fa
ALEX BRUMMER is reminded of his Aunt Rosie, a survivor of the Auschwitz death camps, as we mark Holocaust Memorial Day amid bids to block a UK memorial to victims of Nazi camps.
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With the help of my family, I swam in the sea for the first time in years | Kate Thomas

The Guardian UK - 2 ore 20 min fa

My neuromuscular condition means taking on the waves is more logistics operation than quick dip

Just after Christmas, I swam in the ocean for the first time since, well, I actually can’t remember when.

For most people, swimming in the sea is a rite of the Australian summer.

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